Meet the Range & Sustainability team

Meet the Range & Sustainability team

Our team

Our team

Welcome to the exciting world of fashion. Fashion retail does not begin in the stores and end with sales. Fashion is much more than that.

It all starts and ends with the consumer: Understanding behaviours, fashion as well as market trends, the competitive landscape and commercial learnings are the key ingredients to developing a collection from concept delivery. Our teams create signature styles within the three divisions men, women and kids.

Our team is dedicated to creating and acquiring commercially successful collections while ensuring great quality. To accomplish this, our Product team builds the assortment structure, while the Design team creates concepts and themes for the collection. Our Product Developers and Technicians ensure that each sample fits perfectly and meets our high standards. Meanwhile, our Quality Assurance team is fully committed to maintaining established quality standards, collaborating with suppliers to set and test specifications. The Sourcing team drives our sourcing strategy and portfolio. Managing suppliers to ensure that product requirements are always met. We care about the sources and quality of our materials as much as about the environment and are one of the biggest buyers of organic cotton – our Sustainability team and innovation team are involved in every step of the process. This includes a focus on sustainable supply chain activities as well as associations, memberships and partnerships. Besides that, our Innovation team is responsible for driving innovation in various areas, including our innovation lab, supply chain innovation and FIT as our innovation lab.

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Join us!

Dedicated, happy co-workers are the key to our success. Have a look at what Nelly thinks about her job and opportunities as Sales Assistant at C&A.

Join us to create fashion and make a positive impact

Do you want to rethink fashion? Join our Sourcing team or our Global Quality Organization to ensure we never compromise in our products quality. Build collections and showcase your work to stores across Europe as a member of our Design and Product Management team, or become part of our forward-thinking, proactive Sustainability team to find innovative solutions and new ways to drive positive change.

Support our Range & Sustainability team to produce appealing high-quality products for our customers while also focusing on a positive impact on the world surrounding us.

The future offers countless opportunities – we do not only want to benefit from them but also be involved in shaping them!

The future looks like you
Praise, criticism, proposals

Praise, criticism, proposals for change – no matter what our co-workers are currently working on, our leaders are encouraged to listen.

New ideas

New ideas are always welcome. We openly discuss suggestions without following rigid hierarchical structures and try out new ways of doing things.


For us, design is not just about fashion. It relates to shaping a better future. Become a driving force in a world of change!

Let’s co-create the future!

Let’s co-create the future !