Meet the Digital team

Meet the Digital & Consumer team

Our team

Our team

Digital channels and thoughtful campaigns are the voice of our C&A brand. Our Digital & Consumer Team is the guardian of our brand.

Our Digital & Consumer Team is built on three pillars – Digital. Data and Marketing . Every innovation we distribute through our channels and every feature we roll out in our online shop reflects another step closer to our goal as an omni-channel brand. We acquire, convert, and retain consumers across all channels, learning from them via insights based on research and testing. We strive to always offer a seamless and inspiring omni-channel experience – which feels great! Our brand strategy is the basis: whether it’s international brand campaigns or the user-centric orientation of our online shop, our Digital & Consumer Team is working every day to ensure an outstanding brand experience for all of our customers. Consistently, across all channels and media.

65 %
of consumer journeys start digital

Join us!

Dedicated, happy co-workers are the key to our success. Have a look at what Mariia thinks about her job and opportunities as Digital Operations Manager at C&A.

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Your work has a real impact

Become part of our team to position our fashion and brand across different markets and ensure a smooth user experience. In our Digital & Consumer Team, you can push our digital growth by further expanding and strengthening our different Marketplaces. Analyze various customers buying patterns and by that improve the overall customer experience or support the production of more than 35,000 marketing assets a year, based on insights and trends.

You see – our Digital & Consumer Team is a fundamental part of our future! If you share our positive mindset and seize opportunities with your can-do attitude, then join us and build meaningful consumer relationships.

The future offers countless opportunities – we do not only want to benefit from them but also be involved in shaping them!

The future looks like you
Praise, criticism, proposals for change

Praise, criticism, proposals for change – no matter what our co-workers are currently working on, our leaders are encouraged to listen.

New ideas

New ideas are always welcome. We openly discuss suggestions without following rigid hierarchical structures and try out new ways of doing things.


Communication is one of the keys to our success – whether it's communication towards our customers or within our teams.

Let’s co-create the future!

Let’s co-create the future !