Fit factory denim

FIT – Factory for Innovation in Textiles

Reshaping the fashion industry

C&A FIT (Factory for Innovation in Textiles) produces jeans including greater automation and digitization. It is a Europe-based project with the intention of reshaping the industry standard by which fashion is produced through the use of latest technology and further innovation.

We benefit from our internal know-how at C&A, which has been built in more than 100 years in textile production. We also work with partners from business and science, for example with the laundry start-up 140Fahrenheit GmbH, Hochschule Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, NRW Textile Academy and RWTH Aachen University. Together we are gaining new insights that will have the potential to become best practices for textile production and supply chains in other parts of the world.

Key facts about the FIT Factory

Begin of the production: 2021
Total size of FIT factory: 4,300 m2
About 1,000 jeans are being produced in FIT factory per day
40 process steps spread over 80 workstations per pair of jeans
100% of the energy in FIT factory comes from renewable sources
Average water consumption for denim finishing and laundry is reduced to ca. 10 liters for each pair of jeans
The collection includes 8 pairs of denim jeans, 4 for women and 4 for men
59,99 € for a pair of premium denim jeans from FIT
Made in Europe. More digital. Still affordable.
FIT Factory C&A

The FIT factory is based in Mönchengladbach, Germany. By building a facility in Europe, we are moving the production closer to our customers. Also the yarn, buttons, zippers, and rivets come from European countries - for instance from Switzerland, Hungary, Romania and Poland.

Along the entire production process, new digital technologies and automation allow for on demand production:

  • Fully automatized storage and transport management system for fabric rolls

  • The most advanced digital cutting program

  • Automatic workstation for pocket folding and attaching

  • Modern laser technology to create the typical denim finish without use of potentially environmentally harmful chlorine, potassium permanganate or pumice stones

  • Cloud-based service and maintenance to avoid additional air travel by technicians

Water consumption significantly reduced

Through innovative and smart high-technology machines the water consumption for denim finishing and laundry can be reduced up to 96 % compared to conventional methods. Applied laundry processes currently consume about 10 liters of water on average per pair of jeans, aiming to halve water usage next. For instance, ecological additives are applied via smart and innovative nebulization systems to reduce water consumption. As no potentially harmful chemicals are being used in production, about 50 % of the water we use in FIT is being recycled.

Renewable energies for production and laundry

100 % of the energy comes from renewable sources from a wind farm nearby (Wachtendonk). Also, the sewing machines are digitally connected to optimize processes. That also helps saving energy.