C&A Fairness Channel – Your safe space to raise concerns and report grievances about our business

C&A is committed to creating fashion with a positive impact for people and the planet, protecting and respecting human rights and environment, preventing corruption, fraud, and ensuring compliance.

Our grievance and whistleblowing channel, C&A Fairness Channel, is an essential part of upholding this commitment.

If your or someone else’s rights have been violated, or are at risk of being violated, we encourage you to make use of the Fairness Channel. Also, if you want to report any cases of damage or the risk of damage to the environment, corruption or fraud, infringements of laws, C&A policies, and any other misconduct that is directly or indirectly related to our business, you can do so through this Channel as well.

If you are considering filing a complaint or raising a whistleblowing concern, please be assured that any report made through this Channel will be treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. C&A will also not tolerate any form of retaliation against anyone who, in good faith, raises concerns via this Channel or helps an investigation into a reported incident.

You can access the Channel via this link: C&A Fairness Channel.

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Fairness Channel.

Who is the Fairness Channel for?

The Fairness Channel is publicly accessible and available for all individuals and entities, C&A’s suppliers and business partners and their employees, C&A’s customers, as well as any other individual or civil society organisation. It is intended for anyone who wants to file a complaint or raise a concern about unethical behaviour, violations of relevant standards or breaches of applicable laws that in any way relate to C&A, internally or externally.

What issues can I report through the Fairness Channel?

You can report any risks or incidents related to the violation of human rights or environmental protection, corruption, fraud, infringements of laws or other compliance obligations, and any other form of malpractice or violation of C&A policies. Examples include experiencing or witnessing unethical, dishonest or unfair behaviour of employees or business partners, as well as complaints about C&A’s own operations, such as employment, service, administration, office environment or other areas of business.

How does submitting a report through the Fairness Channel work?

The Fairness Channel is an online portal that works with a chatbot function, which is available in English and all C&A Europe market languages.

You can access the Channel on your computer or mobile device via this link: C&A Fairness Channel.

We ask you to provide as much factual information as you can to help us understand the incident clearly and allow for a good assessment.

You can submit a report either anonymously or confidentially. If you submit a report anonymously, no data that could identify you will be recorded. If any information you provide might still identify you in some way, the information will automatically be treated confidentially. You can also choose to submit a report confidentially by creating an account in the Channel. Your personal data and other information will be handled confidentially according to applicable data protection laws.

Who has access to my submitted report?

The only people who have access to submitted reports are appointed C&A employees who act impartially and independently. They are bound to secrecy and work in the best interest of the rightsholders. They are also subject to applicable laws and C&A Policies to uphold these principles.

What happens after I submit a report?

After submitting a report in the portal, you will get a timely confirmation that it has been received. Once the nature of your report has been established, it will be assigned to a specialised and dedicated case-handler for formal investigation.

If you have chosen to submit the report anonymously, you will get a code to access the Channel portal to track the progress of your case and anonymously communicate with your case-handler. If you submit the report confidentially, you can log into your account to track the progress of your case and communicate confidentially with your case-handler.

If a risk or violation is identified, appropriate preventive or corrective measures will be taken.

We aim to process and conclude all reports within three months after receipt. You will be informed when this is the case, no later than this period.