Sustainable denim

Comfort for the whole family: our sustainable jeans

Timeless feel-good classics – jeans have always been an absolute favourite for young and old alike. Discover our sustainable jeans, which are produced in an environmentally friendly way, make everyone look their best and are unbelievably comfortable.

Good to know: For sustainable jeans, the production process is more complex. Various elements, such as linings or threads, need to be redeveloped and materials must be certified.

Organic Cotton Denim

Organic cotton is better for the environment, better for farmers and better for future generations. That’s because organic cotton is better for the soil and for biodiversity, and improves local water quality.

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Recycled Cotton Denim

These jeans reduce waste. How? By being made of already existing materials! This saves water and energy that would otherwise be consumed during the production of new materials.

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The less water we use in the manufacture of our collections, the better for the environment. Our water-saving jeans use 65% less water in the final washing cycle.

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Did you know?

Almost 50 % of our cotton is certified organic cotton, and we are working on further increasing this number. Because sustainable fashion is a no-brainer for us. Already, every second item in our collections is made of sustainable materials: from recycled polyester made of plastic bottles, to certified cotton.