Do you want to implement your idea of a modern IT landscape? Be like me and become a pioneer. At C&A!

My colleagues and I are defining the technical standards for C&A throughout Europe. Thanks to our work, not only can C&A remain competitive but we also set new standards. When I realised that for the first time, I just thought, wow! I can make a real contribution here.
“As an employer C&A is truly exciting. If you’re open-minded you can change a lot. I am willing to embrace new developments and keep an open mind, as standing still is never good. In software-development we use new and cool technology. And if you love and live the team spirit, you’re in the right place here. Forget what you know about C&A so far. See for yourself and you won’t be disappointed.”

Michael (51), DevOps-Engineer

C&A recognises the potential of good IT solutions, and those who implement them. We don’t just implement ideas, we turn them into successes.

Quality, safety, wearability - C&A sets standards in a range of areas!


    We’re a big patchwork family. At C&A everyone can contribute ideas and will be heard. At C&A we work together: the dog-eat-dog mentality has no place here.
  • Creativity

    Passion and a lot of work go into all our clothes. People don't just do the bare minimum here – we all want to achieve the best possible result for our designs and for our customers.
  • Quality

    Naturally we only use the best materials that feel great against your skin. But our concept of quality starts much earlier with the development of the cuts and designs. We don’t just make fashion for catwalk models – we make fashion for all ages, heights, and shapes!

    If you want to shop at C&A you can do it anytime and anywhere, whether in one of our close to 1,500 stores throughout Europe or simply by accessing our online shop via your smartphone or laptop.
  • Fairness

    We produce clothes at affordable prices. If you shop at C&A, you get reliable, modern fashion that lasts longer than a season. We also recognise our employees’ contribution to our success and show our appreciation with a range of financial and other benefits.

    We are a modern family business and as such, we not only sell timeless cuts, but also offer stylish fashion trends. This is also evident in our day-to-day work: innovation and creativity are at the heart of other areas such as IT, marketing and management.
  • Versatility

    From hats to socks, we dress all types of people, from head to toe and for every occasion. And the tasks involved in creating these products are just as diverse. At C&A, everyone can find meaning in their daily work.

    Not only do we celebrate our successes, we also reflect regularly on our processes. We are always striving to improve, and we work towards this goal as a team.
  • Multiculturalism

    C&A is a global company. This is reflected in the diversity of our designs, as well as internally in our day-to-day work. Interactions with our colleagues around the world are a fount of inspiration for our processes, projects and ideas, and are a natural part of the working day for everyone at C&A.

The future offers countless opportunities – don't just use them, help create them!

  • Now

    Everything from a single source – our IT department has developed and rolled out almost all the applications for our current processes.
  • Soon

    The beginning of a new era in our IT department: we combine the well-founded know-how of more experienced IT workers and the flair of younger employees to continuously improve our colleagues’ day-to-day working lives.
  • Future

    We are building a completely new service landscape in the technological supply chain for all our stakeholders: customers, suppliers and employees.

Your impact one year after you started at C&A:

You ensure a seamlessly connection for every single C&A employee worldwide including
network components!

You developed, tested and maintained
business related applications!

You are responsible for the servicing and secure data transfer of
cash registers across
C&A stores!

At C&A we are - and always have been -
fashion pioneers at heart.

  • The mini takes over the high street

    C&A has taken one of the absolute fashion must-haves and opened it up to the mainstream: the miniskirt.
  • The world's largest buyers of organic cotton fashion

    We care about the environment – that's why we are now the largest buyer of organic cotton, for everyone from babies to baby boomers.
  • First retailer worldwide to offer T-shirts with C2C Gold certification

    In 2017, C&A became the first retailer to bring T-shirts made for recycling to the global market. These T-shirts are certified to Cradle-to-Cradle GOLD™ standard.
  • Affordable clothing for everyone

    This is what C&A has been known for since the beginning – and it is still our top priority.
  • "We Take It Back" programme

    In collaboration with our partners PACKMEE and I:CO, we take back packages of well-preserved clothes and shoes to give them a new life.

    Become a C&A Pioneer!


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    as a IT pioneer