C&A is like its fashion - creative, confident and diverse

Our work culture

  • Sensibly down-to-earth

    What sets C&A apart is its healthy dose of confidence. We know our strengths without appearing arrogant or self-assured. This culture is reflected in our collections, stores and our online shop.
  • A large patchwork family

    The culture at our offices is characterised by its openness. We talk to one another about ideas, drafts, projects and goals. Whether you’re a seasoned manager or just beginning your career, your contribution is valued. This is precisely what defines our international patchwork family.
  • Diversity in all areas

    Whether working as a designer, in marketing or as a software developer, daily life at C&A always has new facets, challenges and exciting topics to offer, be it the development of new applications for our online shop or launching a new collection. The fashion world is constantly evolving and so are our employees – through self-study and through individual further training as part of our Learning & Development Programme.
  • Future thinkers

    Those who like to think one step ahead are in the right place at C&A. We want to work with our employees and our partners, such as the C&A Foundation and Fashion for Good, to create a more sustainable fashion industry step-by-step. At C&A, we always apply an integral approach to projects.
  • At home all over the world

    C&A produces fashion for everyone: not just in Germany and Europe, but for people all over the world. This multiculturalism is not only visible in our designs, but also the colleagues who come from different cultures and regions around the world. So it’s no wonder that English is our main working language. The main thread that binds us however is that we also understand each other on a whole different level - the unspoken energy and drive of the pioneering spirit borne by the founders of C&A.

Our C&A management team heads our retail stores in 18 European countries. They are also responsible for ensuring sustainable business development.


We believe that everyone has the potential to become a manager. We therefore encourage the professional development of each of our employees. It’s not without good reason that our management team consists largely of employees who have grown at C&A. This is something we are very proud of.


This is the guiding principle for our company management:

  • We like to get to the bottom of things
  • We stay focussed
  • We set clear directions and expectations
  • We give employees enough space to act freely
  • We earn trust, we trust others
  • We work together as a team with our employees
  • We make decisions and act in the interests of our customers

Our employees are C&A’s asset, its eyes and ears and heart. That’s why we offer more than a fair wage.

    • Attractive remuneration
    • Home office and flexible working hours
    • Attractive employee discounts in our stores and partner firms
    • Varied, individual further training opportunities through our own Learning & Development Programme
    • A respectful, international working environment
    • A modern workplace
    • A discounted job ticket
    • Additional vacation days for special occasions such as a wedding or relocation
    • A canteen