About us - C&A: The fashion pioneers

C&A is a fashion retailer with tradition: our founders, the brothers Clemens and August Brenninkmeijer, wanted to change the world of fashion. And that's exactly what we are still doing today – day in and day out.

Innovation, creativity, vision - since the beginning, these values have characterised C&A as a fashion business.

From sales assistants to management: C&A employees are highly motivated, and pull together to achieve our common goals. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, we owe our success to the passion and creativity of the people who work here.
  • 1841

    At only 20 years old, brothers Clemens and August Brenninkmeijer (the C and A behind the company name) open a fashion business in the Dutch community of Sneek.
  • 1890

    The growing fashion company C&A begins to specialise in ready-made clothing that is affordable for everyone.

  • 1920er

    C&A now offers fashion for men, children and women "under one roof".
  • 1965

    In November 1965, C&A causes a sensation in conservative Germany: the miniskirt makes a huge splash when it is added to C&A’s collection.
  • 1981

    C&A becomes one of the first retailers ever to collaborate with famous designers for its collection. The 1980s partnerships with Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent are a huge success.
  • 1990er

    C&A bans all genuine skin products from all of their stores.
  • 1995

    A binding code of conduct for all suppliers? C&A now has one – and anyone can read it! As a result, C&A is one of the first retailers to pursue not only commercial but also sustainability goals. The current version of the code of conduct can be found here.
  • 2009

    C&A becomes the world's leading retailer of organic cotton apparel for the first time.
  • 2013

    After the Rana Plaza disaster, C&A joins other global brands and retailers in signing an important agreement in Bangladesh – the 'Brand and Building Safety Accord'. The goal of the agreement is to establish binding safety standards for the garment industry in Bangladesh.
  • 2017

    C&A launches the first T-shirt certified to C2C (Cradle-to-Cradle) Gold Level (TM). This means that the T-shirt is made from 100% renewable resources and is recyclable.


The first C&A store in Germany opened in 1911 on Königstraße near Alexanderplatz in Berlin. To this day, we have the highest turnover of any fashion business in Germany.


We currently have more than 1500 stores in 18 European countries.

One Family - C&A


C&A is also known beyond European borders. We have stores in Brazil (since 1976), Mexico (since 1999) and even China (since 2007).


C&A’s European headquarters are located in Brussels and Düsseldorf. These two main offices manage buying for all of our European stores. The Brussels office deals with buying for our men's and children's fashion, while the Düsseldorf office handles women's fashion and our Clockhouse brand targeting young adults.

C&A is more than a fashion company.

Our mission – one we share with our key partner, the C&A Foundation – is to support programmes and initiatives designed to transform the fashion industry into a fair and sustainable trade. The C&A Foundation focuses in particular on the following core projects

  • Promoting closed loop recycling management