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Making Fashion a Force for Good

C&A Foundation is our corporate foundation. Their mission is to support programmes and initiatives that will transform fashion into a fair and sustainable industry that enables everyone – from farmer to factory worker – to thrive.

We believe that our industry has the power and ability to work better for the millions of people who make the world’s clothes. We believe this because we see evidence of positive change happening every day.

From a farmer who transforms life for herself and her family thanks to organic cotton, to the young girl who turns her life around when she’s given support to get out of forced labour and back into school.

C&A Foundation wants to lead and accelerate the change to create an industry with social and environmental practices that enable communities and people to thrive.

C&A Foundation believes that fashion can be a force for good. But to make that happen, everyone needs to collaborate. To do this, C&A Foundation provides brands, NGOs, governments and other changemakers with financial support, expertise and access to a network of specialists. They help to connect people together to drive industry transformation.

For more, go the C&A Foundation website.

C&A Foundation focuses its work in main five areas

Accelerating sustainable cotton, improving working conditions, eradicating forced and child labour, fostering circular economy and strengthening communities

C&A Foundation is working to increase the market share of sustainable cotton by tackling the conditions that hold it back. They are helping cotton farmers make the switch to organic farming. And they are working with brands and industry players so that together, we can all accelerate the uptake of more sustainable cotton.
Image: Dinesh Khanna for C&A Foundation

People who work in factories don’t always get a fair deal.  The forces that drive unsafe and unfair working conditions are systemic and run deep.  C&A Foundation is working with a variety of different actors to help change this situation.  They are working to support garment workers to voice their concerns and they support initiatives to make the whole industry accountable for improvements.
Image: Claudio Orozco for Fundación C&A

The lack of transparency and traceability in complex fashion supply chains means forced labour can go unseen and unpunished. C&A Foundation is determined to change this.
They work with partners across the industry to tackle the root causes of forced and child labour. At the same time, they support victims, giving them the help they need to recover and rebuild their lives.
Image: Joerg Boethling

It is time to rethink apparel and move towards a new kind of industry. One that uses and reuses safe materials. One that restores and regenerates ecosystems. One that provides dignified work for people making products that are “made to be made again". This is the philosophy of a circular economy.

C&A Foundation is driving the transition to circular fashion by nurturing and scaling innovative solutions that can change the way clothes are made, used, and reused.
Image: Erik Astudillo for Fundación C&A

Making fashion a force for good doesn't start and end with the supply chain. It extends into the communities where C&A colleagues, customers and garment workers live too. Together with C&A, C&A Foundation enables volunteer programms that support local charities and drive employee engagement campaigns to empower women. C&A Foundation also partners with humanitarian organisations, such as Save the Children, to support women and children in emergencies. Together, we're giving back to communities, helping to make them strong.
Image: Mile 91/Ben Langdon for C&A Foundation

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