Bringing fashion to Europe

C&A has branches in 21 European countries

What started as a textile warehouse in a small Dutch town in 1841 has grown into a major European company. A few facts and figures here make impressive reading:  about 2,000,000 a day frequent more than 1,575 C&A stores in 21 countries. C&A offers 10,000 different products in 190 goods groups. This totals around 60,000 different styles manufactured in a large selection of sizes. C&A buys in its goods from about 900 suppliers in 40 countries that in turn have their goods manufactured in more than 60 markets. The two European head offices in Brussels and Düsseldorf accommodate around 450 buyers, designers, trend scouts and stylists. In total, C&A employs more than 37,500 members of staff. C&A is an enterprise of COFRA Holding AG.

C&A has to date been the recipient of numerous prizes awarded by independent consumer surveys, organisations and associations. We are delighted with every award that we receive; after all, they are an acknowledgement of the work carried out by all our staff.

  C&A C&A Kids C&A women C&A Kids women C&A Lingerie C&A Clockhouse
Netherlands 134          
Germany 476 35        
Austria 89 36   4 4 2
Belgium 128 12        
Poland 68 1        
France 141          
Luxembourg 8          
Switzerland 82 17        
Spain 96 11   1    
Portugal 35 2        
Czech Republic 39          
Hungary 37     1    
Russia 14          
Italy 7 2        
Slovakia 12          
Slovenia 13          
Turkey 21 4   1    
Romania 28          
Croatia 17          
Serbia 9          
Denmark 2          


Here, in Sneek, Friesland, the Brenninkmeijer brothers opened their first C&A store in 1841.


• "Best Retailer Men’s Fashion 2009" – a prize for retailers awarded by consumers

• "Vrouw Award 2009" in the fashion category for the Dyanne collection

• "European Trusted Brand" 2009 and 2010 – a prize awarded by readers of "Reader’s Digest"

• "Easy Living Award" given by "Sante Magazine" in the fashion category for the cotton collection

• At the 19th "What’s going on in retailing?" conference C&A received the "(Re)Connect Award 2008" given by Capgemini Consulting for the best method of winning (back) customers


Germany is C&A's biggest market. The first C&A store opened as early as 1911 in Berlin. This was also the first outlet outside the Netherlands.


• "Most Trusted Brand 2010" – C&A has now been awarded this "Reader’s Digest" prize seven times in succession

• "Retailer of the Year" – C&A won this major consumer survey conducted by the opinion research institute "Q&A Research & Consultancy" in 2008 in the women's and men's fashion category; this success was repeated in the category of men’s fashion in 2009

• "Superbrands Germany 2009" – ranking C&A among the outstanding brands in Germany

• "Sustainable Enterprise 2009" – C&A received this award from the federal association "Verbraucher Initiative e.V." as part of the "Corporate Social Responsibility in the Retail Trade" project supported by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment

• "German Retail Prize 2009" – awarded by the German Retail Federation in the category "Management Achievement of Large Chain Stores"

• "Econ Award in Gold" – awarded by the publishers Econ Verlag and the business and financial newspaper Handelsblatt for C&A's CSR report


C&A has been operating in Austria since 1984 when it opened its first store in Wels, Upper Austria.


• "Most Trusted Brand 2008" – readers of "Reader's Digest" chose C&A as their most trusted brand; in 2010, C&A achieved third place in this ranking


The people of Belgium had to wait until 1963 for the first C&A store to open in Antwerp. The company's European head office is in Brussels.


• "Beste Winkelketen Herenmode 2008" –  a prize awarded after an annual consumer survey conducted by "Q&A Research and Consultancy"

• In Belgium, too, the readers of "Reader’s Digest" gave the title "Most Trusted Brand" in 2010 to C&A

• Nationale Merkencompetitie 2009


The first C&A store in Poland opened in Warsaw in 2001.


• In a consumer survey conducted on the internet portal "Quality and Service" C&A achieved fourth place

Other countries

The first C&A store opened in 1972 in Velizy near Paris.

The first store opened in 1982 in Luxembourg-Ville.

The first store opened in 1977 in Biel.

The first store opened in 1973 in Valencia.

The first store opened in 1991 in Cascais near Lisbon.

Czech Republic
The first store opened in 1999 in Prague.

The first store opened in 2002 in Budapest.

The first store opened in 2005 in Moscow.

The first store opened in 2008 in Genoa.

The first store opened in 2007 in Bratislava.

The first store opened in 2007 in Maribor.

The first store opened in 2007 in Istanbul.

The first store opened in 2009 in Bucharest.

The first store opened in 2009 in Zagreb.

The first store opened in 2012 in Belgrade.

The first store opened in 2013 in Kolding.